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Company Profile PROVIDING QUALITY IN SPORTS BALLS PAK HUMAI Intl is one of the most committed Sports companies in Pakistan. Headquartered in Sialkot, Pakistan. We do business with several brands and business tycoons in all continents. We are engaged in every aspect of the balls and sportswear industry, including research and development, manufacturing, exporting, importing and distributing, our range of products. We're also constantly investing in reducing toxins in the materials of our products and implementing advanced technologies in the manufacturing process. COMPANY ROOTS Through a long journey of innovation - the past, the present and the future, PAK HUMAI Intl is one of the few companies in Sialkot industry that can trace history back over 3 decades, always setting foot in a new additions and innovations to the industry. PAK HUMAI Intl is family owned who has been manufacturing and exporting all kind of hand & machine stitched footballs, volleyballs, rugby balls, beach balls, sala balls and handballs. The third generation of the family has entered the field of international trade bringing together the established business and family values, experience and skills coupled with pertinent business education, knowledge and expertise. Throughout our history of product innovation we would like to take you to the corridors which reflect the rich business ethics of the PAK HUMAI Intl and its management, which has the privilege of creating and introducing new spirit and techniques of doing the business that became source of guidance in Sialkot for small and large scale industries of sports goods since 1977 to this day. GLOBAL SCOPE With our highly trained global operating system consists of highly skilled management and labor's joint venture, we are able to reach all the diverse markets and therefore keep true service and commitment which PAK HUMAI Intl has been providing for the past three decades. Through our new efforts and marketing schemes applied individually to each market through our international clients, we are able to provide better services, clearer more transparent business and able to deal with the industries top brands. We invite you to visit our product portfolio to see the world leading brands we are working with all across the world. TECHNOLOGY & MODERN MANUFACTURING Technology is propelling our growth. We're focusing on technologies that minimize toxic content in our basic materials, developing and producing quality balls which are low in cost yet great in quality and children friendly. Finding ourselves in constantly investing in the development of emerging technologies inside our industry - such as finding better ways to automate assembling functions and giving higher training and constant update to our production team. Creating time & effort saving space for a higher development in our company such as our newest stitched project where we can now provide quality machine stitched balls with lowest prices and top technology and martial. All of this operated by our high skilled production team who constantly is innovating ways to better serve our clients and partners through quality production and innovative products and technology. ENVIRONMENT AND SAFETY As a complete commitment of our company, we take great pride in adding value and significance to the environments and the community in which we live operate. We are constantly keeping up with international standards and providing our base employees with the benefits they require to adequately develop themselves in their surroundings. With certifications like ISO 9002, 14001 & SA 8000, we intend to show our social responsibility understanding that this is an invent able part of a world effort to continuously develop our societies and environments. Our persistent efforts to improve on our safe work environment and clean business ethics continue to give us distinction from many others in our industry. Seeming a permanent contributor to the ILO / IMAC effort being labeled in the Category "A", which is the top status you can maintain proves our commitment with our country with our people. OUR WORK With a clear understanding that the world is formed of many efforts to produce a continuous synergy for success and progress. We make it our constant goal to satisfy our clients with rich business ethics and continuous services which result in outstanding quality and competitive prices. Our commitment to develop new technologies and train ourselves to excel those standards which we have set continues to grow daily rather than cease, which is why PAK HUMAI Intl is the best idea for Sports Balls, Sportswear and Sports Accessories. We recognize that the world needs all the energy we can develop, in every potential form. Thats why our employees work daily to find newer, cleaner ways to power the world.
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